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If you're interested in attending The Bluegrass University classes at Grey Fox , Thomas Point Beach (TPB) , Jenny Brook , Pemi Valley or Podunk , or if you have any questions, please e-mail:

The Bluegrass University offers lessons, classes, workshops and jams at multiple locations in the Boston area, however our primary locations are all in North Cambridge. For instance, most classes and jams are held in North Cambridge, a half mile from where Rt . 2 hits Cambridge at the Alewife T station. This location is one block from the intersection of Rt . 16 and Mass . Ave ., near the Cambridge/ Arlington border . There is plenty of meter-free, permit-free parking, and it is also only a 10 min. walk from Alewife, but please be advised that traffic can be very heavy around the intersection of Mass . Ave . and Rt . 16 .

Although the North Cambridge locations are very close to two divided highways (Rt. 2 and I-93 via Rt. 16), here's a neat way to get across Cambridge (from the BU bridge to the Cambridge/Arlington border). This route should take about the same amount of time during rush hour as it does at any other time of day. But be warned that if you don't know the area, this route may be nearly impossible to navigate without a co-pilot; I'd suggest you keep a close watch on your odometer, and probably count out some of the turns.

Click here to view a larger version map including turn by turn directions.