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Grey Fox's Bluegrass University - FREE hands-on classes for beginners on Thursday, July 16th


11 am – 1 pm   11 am – 1 pm
Bluegrass Jamming   Guitar
Tony Watt   John Rossbach
1 pm – 3 pm    1 pm – 3 pm 
Banjo   Mandolin
Mike Kropp   Betsy Rome
3 pm – 5 pm   3 pm – 5 pm
Ear Training   Fiddle
Tony Watt   Lauren Rioux


Grey Fox’s Bluegrass University classes are designed for beginners, or those looking for a review of the fundamentals. These hands-on classes are free of charge; just bring an instrument, a chair, and be ready to learn!

Bluegrass Jamming - Taught By Tony Watt

The Bluegrass Jamming class (for all Bluegrass instruments) is geared towards beginner and intermediate musicians who are interested in learning how to play with other people. We will focus on the basics of bluegrass jamming such as keeping time, non-verbal communication and jam etiquette. There are no prerequisite songs, and you don't need to be able to play leads on your instrument, sing, or read music, but you should be able to play melodies and/or backup parts (i.e. guitarists should be able to switch between chords comfortably).

About Tony:

Award-winning flatpicking guitarist Tony Watt has performed throughout the United States and Europe, on the Grand Ole Opry, and elsewhere. He has been featured in Bluegrass Now Magazine and Flatpicking Guitar Magazine, and toured and recorded with Nashville-based Cages Bend, east Tennessee-based Meridian, with Rounder Recording artist Alecia Nugent, and most recently with Leigh Gibson, guitarist for The Gibson Brothers. Tony currently performs with his band, Southeast Expressway. He has taught privately for over 10 years, and now teaches courses in bluegrass guitar, mandolin and jamming for the Boston Bluegrass Union's Bluegrass Academy. He has also taught workshops and Kids' Academies at bluegrass festivals including Grey FoxJoe ValThomas Point Beach, and many more. Tony teaches lessons,classesworkshops and jam sessions in Albany, NY, Cambridge, MA, and points in-between.

Fiddle - Taught By Lauren Rioux

In this class Lauren will help guide you through the fundamentals of how to comfortably hold your fiddle and create your best tone with your bow, followed by learning a fiddle tune. She'll expand on the basic tune by learning some rhythmic variations and the chords, so you can jam with your friends.


About Lauren:

Lauren Rioux is enthusiastically sought out for her teaching expertise and leads classes and workshops across the globe. In her private studio, she teaches a delightfully rowdy group of over thirty violinists, violists, and fiddlers ranging in age from 5 to 70. Lauren has toured the United States, Europe and the UK with Darol Anger and his Republic of Strings, as a duo with Brittany Haas, with Scott Nygaard and Crow Molly, and most recently with her husband Sten Isak. Her online learning community provides students the world over with access to her innovative curriculum and inimitable teaching style.