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Lessons with Tony Watt (guitar, mandolin and bass):

I currently have openings available for guitar, mandolin and bass lessons, in both the Boston area and the Capital District of upstate New York. Generally speaking, I am most focused on teaching my students what they need to know so they can a) progress the fastest without developing bad habits, and b) teach themselves on their own as much as possible.

When at home in the Boston area, I primarily teach in Cambridge and Brookline. In Cambridge, I usually teach in North Cambridge, a half mile from where Rt. 2 hits Cambridge at the Alewife T station. I also sometimes teach at or near Sandy's Music on Mass. Ave. between Harvard and Central Square. If you are interested in lessons in the Boston Area, please e-mail me at

I travel to the Capital District every two weeks; typically teaching on Thursdays and Fridays. Because I am often traveling and my students are busy people, I schedule students on a per-lesson basis, and before each visit to the area. I usually send out an e-mail a week before coming to Albany, offering students lessons on a first come, first served basis. I do not ask students to schedule any more than one lesson at a time. Instead, I ask that students try not to cancel their lessons with me, since I am coming in from out of town and often have to schedule everything in advance. If you are interested in lessons in the Capital District, and would like to receive my e-mails regarding my availability, please e-mail me at